For the longest time, due to negative word of mouth and hearsay, I associated the idea of “CrossFit” as a form of exercise that only led to injuries and overblown egos. WOW! Was I WRONG! Since arriving for my first on-ramp class in January 2015 with Coach Mike, I have gladly been proven wrong each and every time I have come to the Metairie CrossFit Box for a group WOD or one-on-one sessions with Coach Steph. 

The notion of “CrossFit”, especially that of Metairie CrossFit, is about surrounding yourself with positive encouragement/motivation, working your absolute hardest at all times, and immersing yourself in a community that promotes nothing but love, acceptance and support at all times.

I can honestly and sincerely say that Metairie CrossFit & Coaches Mike, Steph, Lance, Shane, Chez, Joey and Tommy, have helped me to overcome and realize so much in such a short amount of time. I used to see myself as just a skinny guy who was able to put on some weight and have a little success in gym workouts in recent years. I never dreamed I would EVER be able to do so many of the things that I now can do when working out at Metairie CrossFit. But to me, the biggest thing that the Metairie CrossFit community has taught me, is to believe and have confidence in myself…a notion foreign to me most of my life!

Months after working out at Metairie CrossFit, I had this nagging feeling that I just wasn’t catching on to things as quickly as others around me. Coach Steph also sensed this, and mentioned the idea of scheduling some one-on-one sessions with her to improve/develop many movements used regularly in CrossFit. I jumped at the chance and can’t tell you how happy I am that I did!

After just the first one-on-one session, Coach Steph not only helped to pinpoint many of the issues that were causing my progress to slow down; but most importantly, helped to begin to build my confidence in many of the movements that I felt I simply didn’t have the ability to do. Each session since has proven invaluable to me in not only developing my proper form/stance, but also getting more confident and sure of myself overall!

WWE World Champion and fellow CrossFitter, Seth Rollins, has stated many times that “there is no high quite like a Crossfit high” and that could not be more true! However, in my case, the post-WOD and overall CrossFit high, not only comes from the intensity of each workout;but from the knowledge that I am part of such a supportive and loving community & family. 

Thank you Metairie CrossFit for changing my life for the better!!!

– Mike Schmack 


I have always loved competitive sports. Growing up I played football, baseball, and basketball then later in my life roller and ice hockey. I still continue to play roller and ice hockey. Also since I was 15, I have owned a gym membership. Routinely working out 4-5 days a week. I have never had any major injuries and thought my body would last forever. That is until I attempted a half marathon. I damaged my IT band in both my legs. I never had any issues running and during my limited training I could run 8-10 miles without any issues. After that, Running a mile would hurt my knees to the point of them locking up. I figured just resting would heal. Nope. A few years later I went on a hiking trip with some friends to the smokeys. My knees would hurt so bad hiking up the mountains that I had tears coming out my eyes. I was determined to get up those mountains and would just bare the pain. Here I was, 35 years old and felt like I had the knees of a 60 year old. When I got back, I went and saw anOrthopedist who said my tendons were probably the tightest he had ever seen. Well, I never stretched. Not before any sports and never before or after body building. This is where crossfit came in. Before there were any boxes in the city of New Orleans, I had heard about crossfit through my brother and a friend, who were both ex-military. We would do some crossfit blog WODs at Elmwood fitness center. As crossfit boxes would open up, I never could understand why it cost what it did to join a box. My wife bought me a Groupon to Metairie Crossfit,and after talking to some of the coaches, they explained crossfit is more then just doing a WOD really fast. It’s also about stretching and becoming more mobile. This is what I needed. A Year and a half later, I’ve never been this fit nor this strong. I can run more then 5 miles before my knees become an issue. I have done a handful of crossfitcompetitions and ended up placing top 5 in all of them. The coaches and the entire box community at Metairie Crossfit are the reasons for me being able to take back my physical life. I look forward to tackling those mountains again!
Justin Mehrtens


I started at ‪Metairie CrossFit‬ in late January of this year. Prior to starting I had worked out for a year doing boot camp three times a week. I enjoyed those workouts and thought I was working hard but nothing ever changed. I did not loose a single pound nor a single inch. The trainer decided to stop the group classes to concentrate on personal training. This forced me to look for another avenue. I found a Groupon for Metairie CrossFit and decided to look into it. Honestly I was not sure I could hack it. I stopped by and met Michael Grennan and told him I was interested, I was 59, and a little unsure that this would be more than I could handle. He said it would be fine and that he and the other coaches would help me out. I decided what the heck the Groupon wasn’t expensive so why not give it a try. So away I went. I have lost 13lbs since I started in January and dropped a pants size!
I love my Metairie CrossFit family, coaches and participants. You all give me strength to carry on, THANK YOU!’
Now a PLUG!! I highly suggest that everyone consider doing Larry’s Mobility class as well. I know that it has helped me with my flexibility and form. It’s a hard class, lots of Yoga, stretching and great advice to help you improve your WOD.

I turned 60 in July and this “old broad” plans on continuing to work my butt off and get stronger and improve my CrossFit skills!!!

-Ginger Schell

Metairie CrossFit is hands down the BEST box in the state of Louisiana! I joined Metairie CrossFit in January of 2014. I was most definitely NOT an athlete and had very minimal training in all of the movements and lifts. Mike, the owner of the box, saw that I needed a lot of work and made it a point to spend additional time with me working on my mobility in order to improve my movements. He along with all the coaches paid special attention to my form, which improved over time, and kept me from getting injured. I started going to CrossFit in hopes of losing some weight. Mike sat with me to go over my goals and put me on a program which I could control myself. I easily lost 12 pounds, gained an enormous amount of energy, and continued to improve on my performance. After 4 months of continually attending classes, I signed up for my first competition which was designed for beginners. With the help and support of ALL of my coaches, I not only competed, I PRd in every single WOD! But, that is only part of the reason MCF is the best box in the state. I can’t say enough about every single coach there. Mike is an outstanding leader with his staff, ensuring that they too pay close attention to form and safety. He is a stickler when it comes to proper warm-ups and strength training. Stephanie, Shane, Chelsey, Larry, Lance, and Briese all have different coaching styles, but bring together the same goals and expectations with exceptional attitudes. Lastly are your teammates. The reason you keep coming back. My name was always last on the board, I always lifted the lightest, and always had my WODs modified for my skill level. Regardless of all of that, my teammates cheered me on as if I was the one coming in first place, ALWAYS ran that last 400m with me and pushed me to “finish strong,” and ALWAYS took the time to make me feel like more than just a teammate, but part of the family. Another thing that makes this box stand alone from others is the mobility workshop they offer. Without this mobility workshop, I would have never seen so much improvement in such a short amount of time. There is no doubt that I received the best training and support from MCF, and since my move to FL, finding a box that measures up to MCF has been impossible!
-Maria C. Casas

Before finding Metairie CrossFit I had heard of and been exposed to CrossFit and the family environment that it espoused.  Mainly, I became aware of the amazing results that came from these programs and the varied workouts that were difficult for even the fittest athletes.  I was strong as an athlete but not necessarily fast, I then found running and became somewhat fast but I wasn’t strong.  The long miles had not only caused boredom but also caused light injuries in my feet.  Enter Metairie CrossFit, specifically Mike and Stephanie, who couldn’t be more welcoming and hardworking.  They worked with me and helped me forge a specific plan to prepare me for a military academy.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for the body change and functional strength I gained in just a month. The family environment that they foster with all my brothers and sisters at the box in Metairie can never be duplicated.  There is no better place to be functionally fit with a strong mind and body and feel like a part of a family and not just a member.  Don’t take my word for it stop in and see Mike or Stephanie you wont regret it.

Matt Cornelius
Metairie CrossFit Family member at large

For myself, Metairie Crossfit didn’t transform me into an athlete. I’ve been an athlete as long as I can remember.
With a background in high school athletics, body building, powerlifting and triathlon, I have always stayed in shape.
For me, Metairie Crossfit has done much more. It has made fitness exciting! Having been into Crossfit for almost two years I have been around to several boxes so I know what’s out there and can sense when I am in the right place.

As grueling as the workouts can be, I can’t seem to get enough. The atmosphere the coaches create is both encouraging and exciting. They are some of the best coaches I’ve encountered. Their focus is safety above all else. If you can’t perform a movement properly and effectively, they correct the problems to keep you healthy.

As far the community within the box, it’s wonderful. You always have a coach and fellow athletes cheering you on until every rep is done. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

I get destroyed everyday and love every second of it. – Jonathan Steudlein

In nearly two years of training with Metairie CrossFit, I’ve gained 25 pounds. Before I met Coach Mike, I would be appalled at the thought of gaining so much weight. My idea of health was skewed by the media and focused on losing pounds and attaining a very low body fat percentage. After training with MCF for a short time, Mike challenged me to educate myself and optimize my nutrition. Trying the Paleo diet for 6 months and taking a nutrition class in college helped me develop informed eating habits and ditch the mantra of “less is more.” Now I weigh as much as I ever have, but my body composition is far improved.

But weight management hasn’t been the only benefit. I am stronger and even faster than when I used to specialize in running. Not only has MCF help me become a more well rounded athlete, but it has also helped me get more out of life. The community at MCF is always looking for the next experience of a lifetime and dragging everyone along for the ride! -Paul Wood

I joined the Metairie Crossfit family almost 9 months ago. When I joined I was overweight and not in very good shape. I had been to other gyms before, but never found a way of working out that I enjoyed and that was varied from workout to workout. With Crossfit I found what I was looking for. When I finished my first On Ramp class I was in a lot of pain, but I soon found that pain is necessary if I wanted to achieve my goals. After I finished my last On Ramp, it was time for my first ever WOD, which was 100 burpees as fast as possible. I never felt so tired after a workout. But, as time has gone by, I have learned that the reward of finishing a WOD and not giving up is something that cannot be measured by pain. After all Pain is Temporary, Victory is Forever. A few months after I started Crossfit I competed in my first Spartan Race. The coaches and members at the Metairie box have become part of my extended family. They have helped me along my journey by motivating me at every WOD and encouraging me to continue on my journey towards improving my health. I love Crossfit and will be doing it for years to come! – Chris Rapp



I joined Metairie Crossfit in October 2013, and after my “On Ramp” to get me safely up to speed, I had my first workout on November 1, almost five months ago. I came in with a basic understanding of what “Crossfit” was and some knowledge of Olympic lifting from high school football and collegiate cheerleading. Technically crossfit is “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements,” and the past 5 months have confirmed not only that but have also presented so much more. I can’t speak for every crossfit box out there, but for me at Metairie Crossfit, my amazing experience has been focused on results oriented fitness, positive mental attitude, and the great people you get to work with.

On November 1, I weighed 185 lbs and in anticipation for the the box’s “body fat % challenge” ate like a professional eater through Christmas and New Years while still going in to get my wod’s in. Come January 5, I weighed 195 lbs at 18% body fat, the absolute heaviest I have ever been. With at least 4 or 5 workouts a week and a strict paleo diet, all guided by Mike and his more than knowledgeable staff, by February 5 I weighed 165 lbs at 11% body fat and have now worked and chiseled my way to 8.1% body fat at 167 lbs, even easing off a strict paleo diet in the meantime. It’s worth mentioning that during this time I was also studying full-time for the Louisiana Bar Exam.

Before Metairie Crossfit I knew what it meant to be “in shape”. I had been healthy before, with a proper diet and regular exercise, but now my health and fitness is a true asset in terms of how I feel when I wake up in the morning, how I look in the mirror and on the beach, and the positive attitude I can take into any challenge.

These great physical gains and the amazing experience behind them would not have been possible without having a great group of people around me every day in the gym including both staff and my fellow Metairie Crossfit members. You will be surrounded with people each striving toward their own goals and competing against you while pushing you further. Not to mention the knowledge you can gain just from being around people who structure their health around everything in their lives.

It is without pause or clarification, that I wholeheartedly recommend you come out to the box and give Metairie Crossfit a try. -Eric Cusimano

My husband and I have been working out at Metairie CrossFit for over a year, and we feel that it is really helped us to be more active and fit. Being older, we were worried that we couldn’t keep up with the workouts, but everything is scaled so that we can work out and fully participate with the class. The coaches and members we work out with are welcoming and fun, and everyone encourages each other, so that no matter how fit you are, you can participate to your own level. The idea of CrossFit can be intimidating, but we have found that CrossFit allows you to improve your fitness level and go beyond what you ever thought that you could do. We look forward to every workout, and intend to continue with CrossFit as long as we possibly can. It keeps us young! – Mike & Linda

“I have fun doing CrossFit. It’s athletically challenging. The workouts take timing and proper mechanics. Sometimes, my form is weak. Sometimes, I’m very inefficient with my movements. It happens to everyone. This is when it makes a difference of WHO you are with, and it starts with the coaches. Any trained specialist can show you the proper technique. Anyone can read and review the stretches and dynamics of the exercises. Finding someone that will teach you with encouragement, consideration, and patience is hard to find. I’ve been to many other CrossFit boxes, and coaches can be unwelcoming. Although passionate, sometimes more experienced people can be indifferent unless you fit into their mold. At Metairie Crossfit, your efforts are met with integrity and personal attention. You are encouraged to be the best version of yourself. They genuinely want to show you something that has been a positive agent in their everyday life. I always feel welcome, and enjoy spending time with the people there.” -Jonathan Briese

“CrossFit to me, is an adrenaline rush and I’m addicted, which is why you will probably catch me at the box twice a day. I have tried EVERYTHING as far as exercise goes ; I either got bored or loss motivation after a few months. Since I started Crossfit over the summer, it’s all I think, dream, and talk about. Its got me doing things I never imagined for myself and it pushes me to be the best me. I love the positive energy of everyone at the box. I find myself enjoying it more and more each day. There is nothing more rewarding when you get that first handstand push up, or your first double under. Somehow through all our groaning and grunting, it’s all still fun. And after it’s all said and done, you feel like a BEAST!

The trainers at the box are awesome. I couldn’t be more thankful!! Don’t take it personal when they no rep you, they know their stuff. They’re there to coach you on proper form and technique to get you to be the fittest and strongest person you can be. I do thank Mike and Shawn for all my improvements over these past few months and giving me the courage to compete in my first CrossFit competition this past September 2012. METAIRIE CROSSFIT ROCKS!!!”         -Chelsey Tharp


“As a physical therapist and former collegiate swimmer, physical fitness is and has long been a way of life for me. I have been doing CrossFit for almost one year now and I have seen great results, made great friends, and have had tons of fun. CrossFit has given me the variety and daily challenge that I look for when choosing an exercise program for myself. Initially I was apprehensive because CrossFit was so new to me, but with the close guidance and instruction from my trainers, I came to find that almost anyone can learn to do it. I highly recommend Metairie CrossFit to my friends, family, and patients not only for the physical benefits, but for the supportive atmosphere it offers as well.”
-Larry Joseph Rapp Jr, DPT

“I joined Metairie CrossFit around 5 months ago and it is without a doubt one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I was never an athletic person, never did sports and never thought that I could be competitive. I now find myself pushing my limits every day and surprising myself at what my body is capable of. I love the feeling of accomplishment after a completing a WOD or moving up weight on lifts. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that it creates a sense of community at the box that keeps me going. I am constantly pushed and motivated by the coaches and my fellow crossfitters who have also become great friends. Metairie Crossfit is about more than just a workout, its about meeting your fitness goals, striving to make new ones, being healthy and having fun while doing it!” -Daniella Call


Before I started CrossFit I was close to 200 pounds and out of shape, I was working offshore and my diet was horrible and I never really did any kind of working out. I had a gym membership back at home and I never really used it. When I did go I would do a pretty decent workout but would lose motivation as quickly as I got it. I moved to Metairie in September 2012 and around November I decided to look up CrossFit gyms because I wanted to give it a try. I looked for a few gyms around the area and found one really close to where I lived. I decided to call and set up a free class to try it out. My fitness background included summer league sports growing up and high school sports. Also I was in the United States Air Force and worked out pretty regularly while in the military. I remember after my first workout how I felt and realized I had never trained like that before. I was sore but I felt a sense of accomplishment, from then on out I started making small goals that I wanted to accomplish. 

First it started off with just being able to finish a workout before the time cap, and then it progressed into doing my first workout without modifying the movement or the weight. Then I gave myself some bigger goals to strive towards and work out, I have accomplished a good bit of them. I am still working on some, and there are more being added all the time as I progress. I also have dropped over 20 pounds and I am in the best shape of my life. I am always pushed by the coaches and also my fellow CrossFit family, without them I would never have been able to do a lot of the stuff I have done up to this point. Knowing how much it has helped to have someone pushing me and cheering me on to give it my all, I like to stick around the box and stay after I have finished my workout to help and cheer people on. I am also in the process of getting my CrossFit Level 1 certification so I can help other reach their fitness goals. With CrossFit you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone and you will do things you never thought you were able to do! The coaches and everyone else at the gym will be there to support you and help you along the way; I know they have for me! – Lance J. Benedietto

For me, the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of fitness was YOGA and/or THE GYM. One day, my friend told me about CrossFit and my response was simply…”What is that?”

I started doing research online and concluded that this was something I wanted to try. My next goal was to find a good CrossFit group and then I found MCF (Metairie CrossFit)…a.k.a. my dream fitness group! I started ON-RAMP classes in January 2015 with Coach Mike and after seven months, I can see a BRAND NEW ME! I have improved my strength, mobility and overall ability to finally control my weight. But perhaps the best thing about MCF for me, was the chance to make a whole new group of friends. Personally for me, coming from INDIA, the chance to make new friends and create lasting memories during my time here, has been an incredible experience. Additionally, the benefit of working out in a group setting has helped me to jump to another level in my fitness! I give all the credit to my amazing coaches Mike, Steph, Shane, Chelsey, Lance, Joe and Tommy. They are very supportive and motivate you to do things which you have never done in your life. They are not only experienced fitness counselors, butdietitians and physicians as well.
I want to say I feel proud when my friends and colleagues continuously say that I am obsessed with CrossFit. I have gained so much more of a quality of life after being a part of MCF.

This place is awesome and I highly recommend!!!


I joined Metairie Crossfit 3 years ago after I moved to Metairie from Lafayette. I was very big into fitness and crossfit when I lived in Lafayette, I even taught several group exersize classes everyday. Once I moved to Metairie, I felt lost because I was not in the gym everyday, I was not teaching anymore, and I did not have my friends from home here with me. I began to gain weight and I knew something must be done asap! I heard about Metairie Crossfit because my husband is a wedding pphotographer and the owners, Mike and Stephanie were recently engaged and booked my husband and I for their wedding. I decided to try them out since I was in the market for a new crossfit gym and Im extremely happy that I did! I instantly fell in love with Mike and Stephanie! They are the coolest people ever, and the other members soon became like a second family to me! I also love that I lost all the weight that I had gained after moving to Metairie and I got in the best shape of my life! Going to the gym is my little treat for the day! It’s my “me” time! I love the workouts, I love how much they push me to be better than before! I can honestly say that I am so much stronger than I ever was in my life. Even when I am not in the mood to workout, I am motivated by the companionship I have with the other members. I like to go and see what’s going on with everybody and before you know it the WOD is over! I would reccomend Metairie Crossfit to anybody who is looking for a great workout and new, positive friends! -Ashley Marks