Box Rules

MCF Box Rules:

1.. Give 100% everyday. Anything less than your best is a waste of our time and yours.

2. Sign up and show up on time. If you sign up and don’t show; 30 burpees. Don’t sign up and show up; 20 burpees. Late for class; 5 burpees per minute. 

4. Stay positive at all times. Everyone is working hard, everyone is hurting; suck it up.

5. Let the Coach COACH. When your coach is talking, shut your mouth and listen. 

6. Barbells loaded with 10# or less cannot be dropped. 

6. Keep the chalk in the bucket. Chalk is very useful but can be messy; keep it in the bucket! 

7. Re-rack all weights and equipment. Failure to do so will result in burpee penalties per pound of unracked or misracked weights.

8. Be a team player; show up early, stay late, cheer on your fellow classmates. If you see a newbie, introduce yourself immediately. . 

9. Wipe down your equipment. If you sweated on it or bled on it its your responsibility to clean it up. 

10. Record your scores everyday; both on the white board and in your WOD log.